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AAA Standup - One4Review

As a comedy fan and also as a reviewer, I have been attending this show for years as it is a vehicle for up and coming new comedians to play in the Fringe and then hopefully go on to bigger and better things in the future. Such names as Tom Wrigglesworth, Christian Reilly and Zoe Lyons are just three that have gone onwards and upwards. The compere for the night I attended was Brian Lacey. He did a fine job as the man in charge warming up the audience, chatting away and gagging too. Certainly I could stand a lot more of him. Opening act was Chris Martin, no not the one from Coldplay, a young man is a Arnie fan in fact it is his only impression as we find out a couple of times but he has far more in his locker. Like Lacey I would be happy to see more of his set. Following a couple of audience participations games led by our compere the final act was Paul F Taylor. Like his predecessors Taylor also had a well thought out set, and some genuinely funny material on a variety of subjects, and like his compatriots I can foresee no reason why he cannot go on to bigger and better things. So for a chance to maybe see ‘the next big thing’ before they were famous, the get to the box office now   ****

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