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Why We Ate Cliff Richard  - One4Review

Jonathan Donahoe and Daniel Benoliel, aka The Roaring Boys take us on a sort of ‘Summer Holiday’! It is a journey to find and meet Cliff, not travel with him. On the way they miss the bus, are the bus, climb to a castle at the top of a snowy mountain, crash Cliff’s limmo and eat almost everything on the way. At every twist and turn there is a Hank Marvin like guitar playing stranger. I am at this point wondering if the Hank Marvin rhymes with starving, just a little coincidental regarding the show title. This speciality holiday company is set up to keep the Cliff alive and give as many fans a chance to meet the man himself. This very contrived piece includes as many clichés and puns involving references to Cliff Richard and The Shadows as it uses physical comedy and their music. For a very silly start to your day you could certainly do worse than see ‘Why we ate Cliff Richard’. In other words use this as either an appetizer or entree for your main fare of Fringe Viewing. ***

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