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Hardeep Sing Kohli – The Nearly Naked Chef - One4Review

4 stars

Hardeep Singh Kohli is a victim of his own success. Having had some considerable TV exposure recently, Hardeep is performing to sell out houses in the Gilded Balloon Teviot Debating Hall.

His show entitled ‘Hardeep Singh Kohli – The Nearly Naked Chef’ encourages audience members to bring ingredients.  It appears not many people are doing this but on the night I attended two of us took ingredients. One lady had a bag full of spring onions, various peppers, herbs, and a pork fillet. I, on the other hand, took sausages and bacon. 

During the show he made both a risotto and cooked the fillet with the peppers whilst chatting about his life and telling jokes. At the end we were invited up to the table of love to eat the meals. Bad move on his part as we wanted to share and needed a spoon thus interrupting his finale.

Sadly I can’t say how this finale looked from out front as I was giving the delicious food all my attention whilst trying not to look at the audience. Whilst I can’t say he is a great comedian I can say that the show is an experience and the food was absolutely fabulous. Oh Hardeep, can I have some more please?


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