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Theatre 2016 Archives - One4Review

Waves -4****

August 28, 2016 | 1


Alice Mary Walker’s engaging performance takes us to two vibrant locations; the ocean of Australia’s eastern coast, and the inner world of a young girl, obsessed by the water and its teeming life. However the play starts with … Read More

Carnal Desire – Drama 3/4 Productions 2**

August 26, 2016 |

Not quite knowing what to expect, as I guess most of the crowd were too judging by the conversations occurring in the queue prior, what we got in essence was a read through by eight actors, fully clad throughout, of … Read More

The Toad Knew -5*****

August 26, 2016 |

The Toad Knew

This is one of the strangest, most surreal but beatiful and exquisite theatrical works that you are ever likely to experience.

James Thierree leads a company of world class performers who combine acrobatics, physical theatre and clowning … Read More

Eden- 4****

August 23, 2016 |


Today I empathised with a bin bag. There’s a sentence I never expected to type, but for the 40 minutes of Less Theatre’s production I was in turn, surprised, charmed, concerned about, and ultimately terribly sad about a black … Read More

Don’t Panic It’s Challenge Anneka – on the button 4****

August 22, 2016 |

A warm welcome awaits the audience in ‘Don’t Panic, It’s Challenge Anneka’, as the bewigged and upbeat Sophie Hunter chats to everyone in the audience and hands out sweets and drinks. Once the show starts, the action transforms into a … Read More

Joe’s NYC Bar -4****

August 21, 2016 |

Joe’s NYC Bar

Immersive, interactive theatre can seem quite intimidating and a little bit like hard work for an audience member. Not so Joe’s. Here the set-up is that we’re all sitting around a bar (we are, its a real … Read More

Meet Fred – 4****

August 21, 2016 |

Meet Fred

Fred ‘wakes up’ and discovers he’s a puppet. He is just coming to terms with this terrifying revelation when he meets The Director who tells him that, not only is he a puppet but that he is starring … Read More

Expensive Sh*t 3***

August 20, 2016 |

Expensive Sh*t

This play set in the toilets of a Glasgow nightclub and one in the independent state of Kalakutu in Nigeria is full of ideas and buzzing with energy. The story moves between the two places and times, linked … Read More

Ghost Quartet -3***

August 20, 2016 |

Ghost Quartet

Four musicians tell us interwoven stories, twisted and peculiar, dark and violent, harrowing and discordant.

This is not a musical but nor is it a concert. The story is defined in album terms- Side 1, track 1 … Read More

Daffodils -4****

August 20, 2016 |

Daffodils – A Play With Songs

This piece of New Zealand theatre is, it tells us, the true tale of a band member’s parents lives together. More ‘a story with songs’ than a ‘play’, the tale is told by two … Read More