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Denton and Me – Sam Rowe 5*****

August 9, 2016 |

Denton and Me is a touchingly written drama based in part on ‘The Journals Of Denton Welch’ which were published in 1952 following Denton’s death in 1948. Sam Rowe, write and performer, was given the diaries as a gift by … Read More

2044 – North East Theatre Company 3***

August 9, 2016 |

2044 is set in a political climate where Scotland is independent after an election in 2041. Over the following 3 years, trade ties with England are cut, Hadrian’s Wall is rebuilt, and relations between Scotland and England are in melt … Read More

Counting Sheep: A Guerrilla Folk Opera – Lemon Bucket Orkestra 5*****

August 7, 2016 | 2

This Guerrilla Folk Opera was written by Mark and Marichka Marczyk and is based on their own experiences. Counting Sheep starts off quietly enough as the audience listens to the beautiful music played and sung by the musicians of the … Read More

Fur Elise – York Drama Soc 3***

August 6, 2016 |

Fur Elise is a mimed drama by the young and enthusiastic York Drama Soc. It’s a tale of love found and lost, narrated in French, but translated into English for the audience to comedic effect. The main characters are Francois … Read More

Interiors – Vanishing Point 4***

August 6, 2016 |

This is a companion piece to Vanishing Point’s The Destroyed Room (also at The Lyceum) but an altogether easier watch. At times as cringe worthy as a 21st Century Abigail’s Party, the audience acts as voyeurs as we watch the … Read More

Jack Klaff Beyond Price 4***

August 5, 2016 |

Being one of an audience of three people (in a spacious venue) could be an unsettling experience but when Jack Klaff weaves his spell in front of you an hour just flies by. Jack ponders on many subjects such as … Read More

The Destroyed Room – Vanishing Point 4***

August 5, 2016 |

This thought provoking play is inspired by a Jeff Wall photograph of a room in complete disarray. Every night three actors gather in a living room and are videoed whilst a discussion is sparked off by one of the actors … Read More

F.R.A.N.C 4****

August 5, 2016 | 1

It has become traditional in recent years that award winning comedian and playwright Keir McAllister pens a multi layered comedy play that is a delight to watch. In this year’s thought provoking offering, F.R.A.N.C, Fully Reactive Automated Non-alcoholic Comedian, McAllister … Read More

Airswimming – Weird Sisters Theatre Company 3***

August 4, 2016 |

The play is staged in a very small venue (with a welcome air conditioning unit) which brings an added sense of intimacy to this work written in 1997 by Charlotte Jones. Dora (Tanya Chainey) and Persephone (Alison Nicol) are inmates … Read More

Being Norwegian – Axon Theatre 4****

August 4, 2016 |

It is a great credit to both the strength of the writing and the high quality of the performances that the audience was able to feel themselves completely immersed within the cramped confines of Sean’s flat high in a nameless … Read More