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Theatre 2016 Archives - Page 3 of 4 - One4Review

Hess – 4****

August 15, 2016 |

An old man shambles onto the stage and reveals himself as Rudolf Hess. What follows is a mesmerising hour and 15 minutes as Hess (expertly played by Derek Crawford Munn) attempts to explain and justify his actions during World War … Read More

The Interference – Pepperdine Scotland 4****

August 15, 2016 |

This hard hitting piece of drama written by Lynda Radley has been brought to Edinburgh by the students of Pepperdine University. It is based on actual reported incidences of rape at university campuses in the US. The drama centres on … Read More

Trumpageddon – 4***

August 15, 2016 |

This was an amusing audience with the frankly terrifying Donald Trump (brilliantly portrayed by Simon Jay.) As soon as he walked on his stage with his bright orange face, floppy hair and facial tics I knew this was going to … Read More

Hang – Yellow Jacket Productions 5*****

August 15, 2016 |

‘Hang’ is set in a future where capital punishment has returned to the UK but there is an unbearable twist in the how the method of death is determined. This taught drama kept me spellbound as we witnessed the obvious … Read More

Paperclips & Ammunition – 7Blue 3***

August 15, 2016 |

This is an ambitious performance of an absurdist comedy which has elements of the venerable radio comedy ‘I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again’. The three cast members are young enthusiastic performers and the play is a new piece of writing … Read More

One Day Moko 5*****

August 13, 2016 |

One Day Moko

This one man show about Moko; homeless, vulnerable, on edge, fighting on, is exhausting, discomforting and ultimately one of the most emotionally engaging pieces of theatre you are likely to experience at Edinburgh this year.

We enter … Read More

Mouse – Persistence of A Thought 4****

August 13, 2016 |

I love Daniel Kitson. He is a clever, innovative and laugh out loud storyteller and we are lucky to be allowed access to his insighful wit and intelligent observations.

However, I think this is the least good show of … Read More

Madwomen In The Attic – Plain Heroines****

August 11, 2016 |

Madwomen in The Attic is inspired by the Bronte sister novels and the setting is a weekly help group for women who have experienced domestic violence. They are led by Jane who is painfully ineffectual in her attempts to help … Read More

Sweet Child Of Mine – Bron Batten 2**

August 11, 2016 |

Sweet Child of Mine is an award winning show by Bron Batten and I am sure all being well it would have been an enjoyable performance. What we should have seen on stage is a father’s bemused attitude to his … Read More

Mungo Park – Travels in Africa 4****

August 10, 2016 |

Mungo Park – travels in the Interior of Africa Mungo Park Theatre & Dogstar Theatre The true story of Mungo Park, idealistic Scottish explorer and his journeys by foot to the heart of Africa is told by three talented performers. … Read More