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Hess - 4**** - One4Review

Hess – 4****

| On 15, Aug 2016

An old man shambles onto the stage and reveals himself as Rudolf Hess. What follows is a mesmerising hour and 15 minutes as Hess (expertly played by Derek Crawford Munn) attempts to explain and justify his actions during World War II. His memories of the Nuremburg Trials are fascinating and he makes several amusing comments about his fellow Nazi party members. He also reminds us of his flight to the UK in an attempt to broker peace. After a while he questions the validity of his incarceration and the performance is so affecting you cannot help but sympathise, but in a quick change of tone the audience sympathy is tested as we are reminded of the horrors of the Nazi party from which Hess attempts to distance himself.
This was a beautifully measured performance and the audience was in Hess’ thrall throughout the play. Derek Crawford Munn’s performance is a joy to behold and if you are interested in World War II you will enjoy this play.
Reviewed by Rona
Gilded Balloon 3pm 17-29th August (not 23rd)

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