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Garrett Millerick: The Dreams stuff is Made of 4**** - One4Review

Garrett Millerick: The Dreams stuff is Made of 4****

| On 15, Aug 2016

Garrett Millerick tells a very entertaining story, he’s the kind of man you sit up and listen to, he’s not the quiet, unassuming type. In this year’s show he tells us about his original career choice, Garrett did not set out to be a comedian, his passion lay in film and he aspired to be an award winning film director.
His first big break took him to an inner city school in Birmingham, where an alleged philanthropist in the form of a ballroom dancer had the idea that if children from deprived backgrounds learned to dance this would lift them from them bleak futures and show them they were capable of anything. Not a sentiment Garrett agrees with but ever conscious of the awards he would win with his documentary, he went along with it. His description of some of the disagreeable people he met such as the headmaster who believed in diversity and inclusivity, well for some anyway, was enthralling.
Fortunately, for the comedy world anyway, things weren’t all they seemed and Garrett did not become the next Louis Theroux. After a breakdown in TGIs on his 27th birthday he had a change of direction.
He covers a few other topics including his amazement at Amazon Prime Now, and shares his experiences of his very first job as a runner at the Reading Festival in 2001, when he encountered Marilyn Manson and Eminem.
Garrett is a very passionate performer and needs the odd miniature of Jack Daniels to calm him down. This is a well written and executed show, very enjoyable.

Reviewed by Sharon
Pleasance 10 Dome
21.40 to 22.40
Until 28th

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