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Comedy Reserve at the Dome 3.5*** - One4Review

Comedy Reserve at the Dome  3.5***

| On 11, Aug 2023

A selection of new, up coming comedy acts. Carefully selected and well put together. Consists of three acts and one comedy host. All very talented with good material.

The host Kyrah Gray had a relaxed manner and great at audience work. She could adapt her material to audience response and incorporate no response into something funny. She clearly listened to other acts and kept some gags running throughout. Really good compere.

First act was Abby Wambaugh. Delivery was relaxed and some good unique material. She too was good at audience work and had a skill for improv as well as prepared work. Her material centred on her life and experiences with some really funny content.

Next was Jin Hao Li. Now here is a guy to watch. His deadpan, stereotyped delivery, added to the hilarious content. He is a one liner comic with outbursts of attitude. His switch between two versions of himself was really funny, especially when it was unexpected.

Finally, Will Robbins. Material centred around his professional career with some hilarious encounters. He was not afraid to make fun of himself and appeared comfortable with his delivery. Audience work seemed easy for him too and he managed to respond with quick wit to unexpected content.

All these acts have the potential to be some really great comics. Some content did not appeal to my sense of humour but by no means was any of it bad. Other members of the audience also had a great time, with some laughing hard. I love seeing potential new talent and these guys certainly have that!

Reviewed by Tracey
Pleasance Dome – Jack Dome
21.40 (1hr)
Until 28 Aug (not 15 or 22)

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