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Best Man 5***** - One4Review

Best Man 5*****

| On 27, Aug 2023

You’re invited to John and Rebecca’s wedding, and Cathal, the Best Man is about to deliver his speech. But oh no, disaster strikes because he’s mis-placed the speech and has to go rogue.

What ensues is a really funny hour long show, at The Underbelly, Wee Coo in George Square. It’s intimate but a sell out.

This poor unfortunate Best Man, has some real soul searching moments. Why is he the last one not to be married, why don’t his relationships work out. In fact many of his ex-loves are attending this Irish wedding.

Performed by Colman Hayes, his delivery is superb as he wanders on and off topic and mercilessly mocks the groom, who is his best friend, and a selection of the wedding party. He’s in his 30’s and has no real sense of achievement or accomplishment whatsoever.

As the story unfolds our Best Man recalls happier times before all his mates got paired up and settled down and how that friendship dynamic shifts.

This is a lovely show to be part of, Cathal is awkwardly entertaining, bewildered and bemused and hilariously funny. I’d like to get an invite to his wedding, hopefully for this poor lad, in the not too distant future!

Reviewed by Gavin
Underbelly George Square – The Wee Coo
Until 27 Aug

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