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Unfortunate: The Untold Story of Ursula the Sea Witch 5***** - One4Review

Unfortunate: The Untold Story of Ursula the Sea Witch 5*****

| On 17, Aug 2022

In this production, written and performed by the Fat Rascal Theatre group, we are given the other side of the story of Ursula, the sea witch, from the Disney film The Little Mermaid. However, this is by no means a Disney script, with its adult humour and outrageous antics.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Little Mermaid, the story is set under sea in the city of Atlantica, where Ariel, a free spirited mermaid princess longs to be part of the human world. After bravely striking a bargain with Ursula, Aerial embarks on the adventure of a lifetime.

In the next 70 minutes, this story is taken to a completely new level, with a crude and sarcastic handling of the The Little Mermaid plot. All the favourite Disney characters are there but not as you know them. There is nothing like a woman scorned. Ursula (brilliantly played by Robyn Grant) does not hold back. She’s a filthy mouthed diva who is not afraid to tell it how it is. I can tell you that Aerial’s attraction to Eric is not his big brown eyes, that’s for sure. There is a hilarious puppet routine where she sings “I want to be where the Dicks are”.

The level of detail that they pick up from the original film and the way they twist this around into adult humour is absolute genius. They are outstanding Musical Theatre actors. Original songs and some more familiar tunes (but definitely not the original lyrics), are given gusto. Triton (played by George Whitty) has the most tremendous operatic voice. The set design and costumes are fantastic. An amazing puppet performance of the fish and sea urchins swimming around the stage delivers the whole underwater experience.

I could not believe what was achieved by a cast of 6 people and a 3 piece band. It was a full on Musical Theatre extravaganza


Reviewed by Lynn

Underbelly George Square (Udderbelly)

17:55 (1hr 10)

Until 28th Aug


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