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Seance 4**** - One4Review

Seance 4****

| On 17, Aug 2022

There is a clear warning: This show contains complete darkness. May not be suitable for people who are claustrophobic. This is 100% true and if you are concerned at all I would not recommend this as you are in pitch darkness throughout. This was NOT a problem for me as I loved the experience and wished it was longer than 20 minutes.
Before you enter the show you are prepped with what to expect in terms of darkness, space and noise cancelling headphones. You are sat in a 24ft shipping container with a seating either side (at 6,3ft I felt slightly crampt) and a long table down the centre. Hanging lights and small bell are visible. Then you put your headphones on and the lights go out! I put my hand directly in front of my face and couldn’t see it. Complete darkness.
If you’re a fan of ghost stories and horror this will be right up you’re alley. I’m keen to not give too much away but during this somewhat ASMR experience of Séance you will feel an adrenaline rush of fear. Certainly not for the faint of heart. Keep your hands on the table.

Reviewed by Matthew

Pleasance Dome – Potterow Plaza
20 mins
Every 30 minutes from 11.15 to 21.15
Until 29th

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