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Josh Baulf : Bulldog 5***** - One4Review

Josh Baulf : Bulldog 5*****

| On 09, Aug 2023

Josh Baulf is one of the fastest rising stars on the circuit.  He hails from Essex and has the traditional stand up swagger of a cross between Rob Beckett and Micky Flanagan.  He commands the small stage right from the opening gags.  He has the confidence of a veteran, but as we are told, he is just getting to grips with being a grown up and entering his thirties.Tonight is a sold out show without an empty seat. Josh has built up quite a following, aside from his stand up shows, he is by his own admission; a Tik Tok star!  He does, however, feel quite weird about that, and far too old for that particular platform, at the grand old age of thirty two.There is a very funny tale of looking after a friend’s dog.  Hence the title Bulldog.  Josh finds himself having to deal with a particularly delicate situation concerning the dog and what could be a life or death situation.  Josh did emerge triumphantly from the very sticky mess.There are some familiar themes here.  Cohabiting for the first time.  Not getting along with your girlfriend’s friends, clubbing in your thirties and trying unsuccessfully to get home after a big night out.  Familiar themes indeed but Josh’s style and delivery is quite brilliant.  His timing, his delivery, his audience interaction, is just faultless and very laugh out loud funny.I predict a very successful run with Josh’s Fringe debut.  The future looks very bright indeed.5*****starsReviewed by MargotUnderbelly, Cowgate (Belly Laugh)

19.25 (1hr)

Until 27 Aug (not 12 or 13)

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