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Mario the Maker Magician - 5***** - One4Review

Mario the Maker Magician – 5*****

| On 04, Aug 2023

As we enter we see a box with “Robot magic” centre stage and before we know it a riot of fun ensues. Mario, our charismatic magician bursts onto the stage causing almost instant and infectious chaos in the best possible way. Mario’s lovable yet cheeky demeanour endears us to him almost immediately. As he screams about everything going wrong you can see that no beat is being missed and this is a magician with a purpose of showing us to use what you have and do what you love.

This performance is a whirlwind, but at its heart is the idea of doing what you love, which Mario deftly passes on to his young audience. A master of misdirection, he expertly manipulates our attention and as we applaud he launches into “Are you with me?” as the young people in the audience roar back with approval.

The show is a clever comedy of errors, endearing us increasingly with each mishap. But don’t be fooled, behind the chaotic façade is a calculated craftsman, demonstrating the value of dedicated practice (do what you love) to create a performance that’s simultaneously spontaneous and smooth.

With a blend of clowning and magic, Mario masterfully engages the audience, with eager children jumping to participate. One particular magic lamp trick still has me scratching my head, which I appreciate is the point.

There’s a beautiful message throughout which references Andy Warhol, Nicola Tesla, and Mario’s high school teacher, about pursuing passion and using what you have available to you. The finale is really something to see live and without spoiling it I will say everyone leaves with a red nose!

Reviewed by Matthew
Underbelly George Square – Udderbelly
10.55 (50mins)
Until 27 Aug (not 9, 14 or 21)

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