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The Wonder Games with Maddie and Greg – 5***** - One4Review

The Wonder Games with Maddie and Greg – 5*****

| On 16, Aug 2022

The Wonder Games with Maddie and Greg gets started before the show even starts with some audience interaction in the way of us shouting out whether we believe the science facts on the screen and this does a great job of livening us up, then our duo burst onto the stage and you can’t help but be infected with their joy and energy!

The format of the show is Maddie Vs Greg in a red vs blue style as we as an audience are separated into two halves and get cheering for Maddie (though to be honest, my daughter would have cheered for Maddie regardless of which side we were on). We are shown the Wheel of Wonder which picks out the various games the pair play. As they challenge each other and score points, we as an audience are constantly learning the science behind all these great games, whether it’s vortex blasters, teddy ziplines, or fizz fountains, we are given some fantastic science facts and my 3-year-old gave me a lecture on friction an hour later so clearly something stuck!

Maddie and Greg do an amazing job of keeping the energy high, although, against each other, there is always a playful nature that creates a TV gameshow vibe. The hour flies as these dynamic and engaging pair take us on a roaringly fun game show through science. Your kids will learn something and I’m sure you will too! Stay curious.


Reviewed by Matthew

Underbelly George Square – Udderbelly

14.35 (1hr)

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