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Erth's Dinosaur Zoo 3*** - One4Review

Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo 3***

| On 18, Aug 2019

Set in the gorgeous McEwan Hall, Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo is part puppet show, part palaeontology lesson. The show begins with our host, Scott, reminding us all that although the dinosaurs look and sound real, they are just very good puppets. This fact appeared to be forgotten five minutes later when the first two puppets entered the stage. They were baby dinosaurs and several children were invited on to the stage to meet them. This was pretty much the format of the show: several puppets were shown, and Scott told us some really interesting facts about them. Then children were invited up, either to pet them, feed them, or in the case of one wee boy, put his head in one’s mouth!
A total of seven puppets were shown during the hour-long show. It doesn’t sound like much, but the puppets are of such great quality, and the puppeteers so skilled, that it didn’t bother us.
I’ve read some audience reviews that children invited on stage were terrified. That certainly was not our experience as all the kids appeared to be having fun and no one was forced to participate. The show is however recommended for children aged three and over which I think is a bit too young, especially given how realistic the puppets are.
At around £70 for a family of four, this show is definitely for dinosaur-mad children only as there are plenty of cheaper, equally as good shows for those just looking for a family Fringe day out.

Reviewed by Claire
Underbelly, Bristo Square. Aug 19-26

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