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Lucy Frederick:Famtastic 5***** - One4Review

Lucy Frederick:Famtastic 5*****

| On 18, Aug 2019

Lucy Frederick has moved on in life and at the age of thirty eight, finds herself as step mum to two children and likes nothing more than sitting on her fabulous sofa, that she loves dearly, and watching TV.

The only downside to Lucy’s favourite thing to do, in the world, is that Holly Willoughby is on TV, a lot! It turns out that Lucy went to school with the lovely Miss Willoughby. Holly Willoughby, with her beautiful smile, her gorgeous blonde children, her fabulously successful television career and her farmhouse kitchen! And she’s not bitter!

This is a very entertaining hour of comedy. Lucy has a very likeable and engaging personality. There are hilarious stories of life as a step mum in a modern blended family. It’s hard work and interferes terribly with her down time watching low brow TV from her beloved sofa. The many trials and tribulations of stepping in to this precarious role.

We hear about kid one, and kid two, and we hear about her rather rubbish partner who still hasn’t asked her to marry him . . . despite everything she does for him!

Lucy also talks of her lack of confidence. This is not evident tonight. Lucy wins the audience over immediately with her self deprecating humour. This is a very polished performance.

There are plenty of laugh out loud moments. Lucy might just be my new favourite comedian at the Fringe.

Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Margot
At the Underbelly (Clover)
14.50 (1hr)
Until August 25th

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