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IvankaPlay - Snowy Owl - 4**** - One4Review

IvankaPlay – Snowy Owl – 4****

| On 04, Aug 2019

Impeccably dressed Ivanka arrives on stage and announces she is waiting. Of course, she could only be waiting for one person – her father, and in one place – the White House. Ivanka, has something on her mind and it’s a real chance for her to make a difference but not before she covers the important things! She describes her outfit, the décor in the Whitehouse, the décor in her own house, her perfect husband, and every outfit she wears to whatever event she appears in. She also revels in her role as Daddy’s favourite child, who gets everything she wants – unless of course it is contra to those interests that helped Donald Trump’s unexpected rise to power.
McClean Peterson’s portrayal of Ivanka is mesmerising. She absolutely inhabits that Teflon coated persona and when she lets her mask slip, it is only for a second. It takes a lot to break through Ivanka’s bubble of self-absorption but Mclean’s ability to display a hint of despair then snap right back into Ivanka mode was breath-taking.
This was an amusing and enjoyable play. Ivanka’s self-love was jaw dropping and her ability to block out life’s little ‘inconveniences’ such as her father refusing to act on gun law legislation after school shootings could only be described as legendary. The end of play hinted that the worm may be about to turn and although it is fiction we can only dream. Well worth an hour of your time
Reviewed by Rona
Underbelly Cowgate
Until 25th August (not 14th)

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