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Sinatra: Raw - Richard Shelton - 5***** - One4Review

Sinatra: Raw – Richard Shelton – 5*****

| On 04, Aug 2019

What a fantastic lunchtime show! As soon as Richard Shelton started to sing, I knew we were in safe hands. It was like Frank was in the room with us and we were all in the palm of his hand.
Gilded Balloon At The Museum becomes the Purple Room at Palm Springs, with Frank apparently at the end of his career, bemoaning his drop in popularity and in the mood to reminisce. With a bottle of Jack Daniels always at hand, we hear of his early years before becoming a singer, the affair and eventual marriage to Ava Garner that almost destroyed his career and life, and his friendships with the Rat Pack and Kennedys. He doesn’t shy away with the rumours of his dealings with the mob either as their support enabled him to continue his career when no one else would hire him. He was a complex man who fought hard (and often dirty) to be a success but he was also an ardent campaigner for civil rights, often to his detriment. The melancholic musing stops when Frank’s memories prompt a song and then we hear Richard Shelton’s beautiful renditions of the Sinatra back catalogue.
This is not just a pity fest, as there are plenty of amusing anecdotes throughout, and a time set out for requests from the delighted audience. After hearing the story of Frank Sinatra’s life, never have the lyrics of ‘My Way’ had such poignancy as Richard wraps up the show. The woman sitting next to me said that I had to give the show a 5 star review – I have to agree. Unmissable.
Reviewed By Rona
Gilded Balloon At The Museum
12pm, 6pm
Until the 26th August (not 7th, 14th, 21st)

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