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Being Norwegian - Axon Theatre 4**** - One4Review

Being Norwegian – Axon Theatre 4****

Review Overview

Thoughtful and Intelligent

| On 04, Aug 2016

It is a great credit to both the strength of the writing and the high quality of the performances that the audience was able to feel themselves completely immersed within the cramped confines of Sean’s flat high in a nameless Scottish city. Into his unpacked home Sean has brought Lisa, who he’s met for the first time that night and we share in their awkward conversational attempts to get to know each other. Lisa tells Sean that she’s from Norway and then cascades into an unstoppable stream of what ‘being Norwegian’ entails. Sean, uncomfortable and lonely is unable to comprehend what is going on, being interested, concerned, angry and,ultimately, deeply connected to this odd stranger.

This short (45 minutes) one-act play is a thoughtful, funny and moving discourse on isolation and the facades we choose to present to the world around us and this strong production deserves a wide audience. Unfortunately it is showing at the wrong time in the wrong place – quarter to midnight in a space constantly intruded upon by the music and laughter from the adjacent comedy shows.

However if you want some quality theatre at midnight you won’t do any better than this excellent show – just remember to sit near the front.

Reviewed by Karen

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