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Horse McDonald in Careful - 5***** - One4Review

Horse McDonald in Careful – 5*****

| On 19, Aug 2016

In this autobiographical play, Horse takes us through her emotional journey about her sexuality, finding her voice and becoming the popular singer songwriter she is today.
Her birth name is Sheena, a name she hates with a passion, so she changed this to Horse, as she loved going to the stables as a child.
The stage is set with two chairs, where she explains that in her house there was a chair for her dad and one for her mum. There was a lot of warmth when she spoke about her parents, describing beautifully how they would sit together drinking tea and eating biscuits.
Her life was tough growing up in Lanark in the 70’s. There was no tolerance for being different, never mind being gay. Experiencing prejudice, bullying, abuse and betrayal, she certainly had to be careful about whom she could trust and how she could behave.
Growing up she felt most happy when she was singing. She takes the audience through her journey from gigging in local bars to getting her big break on the TV programme “The Tube” and how the “wee lassie” from Lanark ended up being invited to perform at the Stonewall gig at the Royal Albert Hall.
Horse’s performance was sincere and very emotional, whilst also bringing in some humour along the way.
Lynn Ferguson has done an outstanding job of writing this inspirational play that was superbly directed by Maggie Kinloch.

Reviewed by Lynn
Horse McDonald in Careful
Gilded Balloon at the Museum Auditorium, 19:30 until 29th August.

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