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Liam Withnail – True Defective 4**** - One4Review

Liam Withnail – True Defective 4****

| On 20, Aug 2016

With an Irish heritage and living in Scotland, both places with a strong drinking culture it is easy to get into booze and substances but maybe not so easy to see the light and get sober and clean. But Withnail, not his real name which is McDonnell, relates his illustrated story to a packed out Beehive room and told it warts and all.
Liam is a personable comic, he has stage presence and a well written show which lasts fully the allotted hour.
He relates stories of him drunk, often very, very drunk in counterpoint to the last 13 months when with help he has been sober. Some of the story is told in video clips as well.
The incredulous way some of his drinking buddies took to his decision is in a way that is fairly typical of those who enjoy a heavy session, just maybe Liam took his a wee bit too far. He came to terms with hardly remembering a day when he wasn’t drunk and decided to take action.
He is a young guy so maybe hasn’t lost as much as some with similar issues but this story is not a look at me, see what I have achieved. Neither is a preachy rant. Just a comic telling it as it is.
Reviewed by Geoff
17.25 to 18.25
Beehive II
Until 28th

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