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Vladimir McTavish – Scotland in Sixty Minutes 4**** - One4Review

Vladimir McTavish – Scotland in Sixty Minutes 4****

| On 22, Aug 2016

No matter whenever you see a Vladimir McTavish show there is always the feeling that you are in a safe pair of hands as this longstanding stalwart of the Scottish comedy scene will always deliver a quality hour.
Of course this year’s show is no exception to the rule. McTavish has his mainly Scottish crowd with him from the off, but one doesn’t have to be Scottish to enjoy his show.
He explains that this show was intended to be about his travels through Scotland having now received his bus pass, and a section of it certainly was. But Vladimir has always had a keen interest in politics both home and abroad and with the events happening in this field in 2016 it would be remiss of him not to have a chunk of political satire blended into the hour.
This well written, wickedly observed funny material drew plenty of belly laugh moments which ever part he was in at the time and also his acting credential were showcased in some Scottish regional accents that he encountered on his travels.
McTavish is an easy comedian to like and always has something to say that is worth hearing. Programme your satnavs, now and give it a whirl.
Reviewed by Geoff
Stand 5
19.30 to 20.30
Until 28th

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