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John Robertson: Arena Spectacular! 3*** - One4Review

John Robertson: Arena Spectacular! 3***

| On 18, Aug 2016

John Robertson, in my opinion, is at his best without a planned show, showering abuse on sleeping audients and stealing people’s flip flops. This show isn’t necessarily him at his best.

Mr Robertson wanted to perform an arena show, except he doesn’t like the sort of comedy that gets arena shows. That seems okay, because the people at this show liked his sort of comedy, which, as he demonstrates, has the same basis as other comedy – power and cruelty – just Mr Roberson is much more up front about it and explains the fact he’s insulting you just to make sure you understand the power imbalance.

Delivery and audience interaction are, as ever, excellent (rubbing his head on people a la the cat wanting affection was a particular highlight; for the action as much as the explanation), as well as the candid nonchalance with which he approaches his comedy and whatever other subject matter comes his way. Not here the pretentious ‘I’m working things out, trying a new direction’, but more ‘this is what I do, I do it well, I’m not apologising for it, and I will keep finding new ways to talk funny about it’.

A slightly wry expose of what it is to be funny – coupled with an unspoken demand that we continue to find him funny regardless.

Stand 2; 15:40

Reviewed by Laura

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