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Holly Burn - I am Special 3*** - One4Review

Holly Burn  – I am Special 3***

| On 25, Aug 2016

Holly Burn can always be relied upon to do a really different, occasionally surreal, but definitely entertaining. She has a great personality, a stage presence a whole raft of performing skills and a way with words that perhaps only she could get away with.
The theme is that she once was a star, had people to fix and do everything for her chauffeur her around. But not now. Okay the god stuff she had was when she was four, but she wants it now! So what is she gonna do about it?
Well, she will tell us of dreams, singing with Streisand, recorder club, delaying a plane, riding a scooter in Tuscany. Playing with her audience, exaggerating much and dominating her performance space. The show although obviously structured, has the feeling that she is just going off at tangents for a while and some of the audience I was in were mesmerised, others just hadn’t an idea what she was about.
There is one thing certain, in her show she is special and it would be churlish to think otherwise, and the hour passes very quickly indeed. The Fringe needs someone to be different and Ms Burn certainly fits this criteria.
Reviewed by Geoff
18.55 to 19.55
Underbelly Medical Quadrant Buttercup
Until 28th

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