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Andrew Lawrence: The Hate Speech Tour 4**** - One4Review

Andrew Lawrence: The Hate Speech Tour 4****

| On 19, Aug 2016

This show starts with a disclaimer: that it is a comedy show, and that views expressed are not necessarily the personal opinion of the performer. Also that reviewers can get stuffed. I’m okay with all of that, and at (as he points out) a liberal arts festival, everyone should be able to express their opinion. But you do need to take responsibility for the things you say, ultimately. So while I didn’t find everything funny, but can still appreciate that other people found it hilarious, I do think suggesting that people with depression or suicidal thoughts should follow through isn’t okay.

This then, is a loaded show. It doesn’t seem to be motivated by any sort of political agenda, but rather by a despair of the world and the way some people behave – sometimes rather exaggerated for – who’d have guessed? – comic effect. Some grievances I could relate to (like performed pseudo-grief on social media), while others I felt lacked nuance (like why younger generations have ceased to vote).

This is a show about perspectives, framing, and fact-choosing. It presents a different point of view than you’ll normally hear in the left-leaning comedy world – and that’s valuable because it prevents us getting lost in the echo chamber. All stories can be presented in at least two ways, and this just isn’t the one we’re used to being presented rationally.

A confident and likeable performer with a strong and well-delivered hour.

Assembly Roxy, 20:30

Reviewed by Laura

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