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ComedyOpoly: Board Games with Comedians 2** - One4Review

ComedyOpoly: Board Games with Comedians 2**

| On 19, Aug 2016

It’s probably not fair to review this show, since the usual host wasn’t there and the stand in, as he protested, works in the pie van and didn’t know the format (to be fair, he also has his own show). But then, people had bought tickets to guarantee them a seat, and the show went ahead – so legitimate to review, if not fair.

The audience, having pre-purchased tickets and thus knowing what they were there for, were clearly up for playing some board games, so we had two teams and started off with four-in-a-row. After this, there was little plan, so a little bit of umming and discussion took place to choose the next and subsequent games. It also didn’t help that neither the host or guest comedian knew what the rules for many of the games were – so we had to have that rigmarole too.

Most successful were Twister and Heads Up (which an audient allowed the use of their phone for), and with a more experienced group leader, much more mileage and fun could have been elicited from these games.

An excellent concept with much potential, sadly unrealised when I saw it.

Heroes @ Bob’s BlundaBus, 19:00

Reviewed by Laura

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