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Weird Stuff 3*** - One4Review

Weird Stuff 3***

| On 19, Aug 2016

The performance of this show was super: confident, committed to the material, clear delivery, bringing in the whole room. Some of the material, especially the last act, was excellent. It had an extra level of energy and audience participation that got everyone really involved. Some of the rest perhaps needs a little more development.

This show is a collection of weird stuff, which is nicely put together – some with continuity links, and some stuff just changing swiftly one thing to the next. I do wonder if a slightly different order would change the audience response, especially to certain things. Perhaps simulating sex could be saved until we’ve got to know you a little better?

The material displays loads of good, inventive and ingenious ideas – but I felt it would benefit from a little more polish and a little more exploration to find out what exactly makes it work, and what will tickle the audience into laughter. However, a good portion of the audience for the show I was in were poorless, and a few people were turned away from lack of seats.

Cowgatehead, 16:15

Reviewed by Laura

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