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Larry Dean: Farcissist 5***** - One4Review

Larry Dean: Farcissist 5*****

| On 09, Aug 2016

This is the fourth time I have seen award winning comedian Larry Dean and he just keeps getting better. The amiable Glaswegian is such a natural storyteller and entertainer. He is totally at ease with the audience and is happy to share some of his most intimate experiences with them.
Larry has decided he needs to start being more open and honest this year. He confesses to his reason for leaving Glasgow originally and uses his admission of being dyslexic to fantastic comedic effect throughout the next couple of anecdotes.
Recently single, he’s back on the dating scene, he hasn’t succeeded in finding love yet but has acquired some great material from his dating experiences. He tells us about his background as an Elvis impersonator, having been steered away from his adoration for Gary Glitter. Although very close to his mum he does like to imitate her voice and laugh and recalls some very amusing conversations with her.
He has such a relaxed persona, nothing seems to faze him. He can wander from his story at times but always gets back there, sometimes when you least expect it.
I would definitely recommend seeing this show and stay until the very end.

Reviewed by Sharon

Pleasance Upstairs
19.15 to 20.15
Until 28th (not 15th)

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