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Ever Mainard: Let Me Be Your Main Man 3*** - One4Review

Ever Mainard: Let Me Be Your Main Man 3***

| On 09, Aug 2016

Originally from a small town in Texas Ever Mainard had never been out of the USA until bringing her debut comedy show to the Edinburgh Fringe. In her show she aims to tackle, amongst other things, gender identity. Growing up as a tomboy, at 21 Ever moved to Chicago where she then realised she was a lesbian. Coming from rural Texas meant Ever has had to endure more than her share of prejudice about her sexuality.
Her set is a rundown of some of her life experiences to date, good and bad but always made funny. She tells of being outed by the local paper, her audition for a fast food advert (once she realised she wasn’t really what they were looking for). The expensive engagement ring she bought and is now trying to sell, wedding planning, the joys of Pinterest and her disengagement.
Ever kept her best anecdote till last when she explains how a particular friend offered to energy heal her after her breakup. It turned out to be slightly different to her expectations.
This had some really good moments and Ever is a likeable, laid back comedian with a lot of good material. For me some of it didn’t translate as well across the pond, such as the step mom references. However, she connected really well with the audience, with some people in absolute hysterics throughout.

Reviewed by Sharon

Gilded Balloon Wine Bar
18.15 to 19.15
Until 28th (not 15th)

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