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Paul Currie: FFFFFFFMILK! 5***** - One4Review

Paul Currie: FFFFFFFMILK! 5*****

| On 14, Aug 2016

Park your serious at the door, you won’t be needing it here. You might need some sort of waterproofing if you sit near the front, and definitely your best singing voice.

Paul Currie seems like a nice bloke, neither hectoring nor bullying, (based on the evidence of him ushering seats before the show, and his solicitude of his audience volunteers). He does have a penchant for the surreal and the ridiculous though, which combination made for a rather enjoyable show. The fact that his performance is confident and well-honed obviously helps immensely.

Said show consisted of numerous moments of memorable silliness, including a dancing brick, a flying start, some bedevilment with butter and Stephanie. All of Mr Currie’s material is utterly silly and frequently absurd, but it’s also really funny. There’s one ‘proper’ joke in the whole show, and though he does speak, it often feels like watching a mime, especially when he’s eliciting actions from the audience. How can you resist that face?

I understand he had to clear up the stage after crying into his cereal, but I would have liked him to be holding the bucket at the door – just so we could acknowledge the show, and see that mischievous grin up close. Brilliant.

Heroes @ Hive, 18:40

Reviewed by Laura

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