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Darren Walsh – S’pun 3*** - One4Review

Darren Walsh – S’pun 3***

| On 20, Aug 2016

Darren Walsh is a comedian who likes a pun, no he lives for a pun and his show is jam packed full of them. Last year he featured heavily on The Best Joke of the Fringe lists. Will he succeed again this year? Time will tell.
Operating with his arm in a sling following a biking accident that day, Walsh certainly piles in heaps of puns, he uses animations, videos and sound effects, and plays a wheel of fortune game.
Audience involvement is de rigueur but it is not very intrusive stuff, spinning the wheel, shouting out topics for him to freestyle and show off his repertoire are mixed in with obviously prepared material designed to get laughs and the fairly frequent groan.
I’m not sure if Walsh was in pain on the night I attended but there didn’t seem to be a lot of sparkle coming off the stage. That is not saying it was a bad show because it patently wasn’t, but 45 minutes of puns can be hard work to take in a single sitting.
Reviewed by Geoff
20.30 to 21.30
Pleasance Below
Until 29th

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