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Don't Panic It's Challenge Anneka - on the button 4**** - One4Review

Don’t Panic It’s Challenge Anneka – on the button 4****

| On 22, Aug 2016

A warm welcome awaits the audience in ‘Don’t Panic, It’s Challenge Anneka’, as the bewigged and upbeat Sophie Hunter chats to everyone in the audience and hands out sweets and drinks. Once the show starts, the action transforms into a study of the anxious ridden Holly who reaches out to her childhood heroine Anneka Rice to ‘fix her’ as she is suffering from a form of anxiety that, in adulthood, is forcing her towards a life of isolation rather than face the world outside.
Sophie Hunter moves between the character of Holly and Anneka on stage whilst cleverly interacting with characters that appear on film in a TV set on the stage. Sophie also plays all the characters in the film (well almost all) and deals with the serious subject of mental health with warmth and understanding. Despite the serious subject there is humour throughout and the show ends on a life affirming note. This is a very enjoyable hour for everyone – even if you are not old enough to remember ‘Challenge Anneka’!
Reviewed by Rona
Summerhall 2.50pm 4th-28th August 2016 (not 11th or 22nd)

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