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Simon Evans: In the Money 3*** - One4Review

Simon Evans: In the Money 3***

| On 21, Aug 2016

Yes, Mr Evans is exactly as articulate as he sounds on Radio 4, even when talking to the audience and dealing spontaneously with their responses. It’s not achieved – or not solely achieved – by repeated takes.

This is an interesting show by an interesting man. It’s observational comedy of a kind I don’t normally enjoy, but there’s enough other stuff in there that it’s entertaining and enjoyable even if you’re not laughing a whole lot. There’s the aforementioned articulacy and verbal acuity, and there’s the financial commentary and discourse.

The ostensible narrative is Mr Evans’ journey to being interested and knowledgeable about the financial stuff most people don’t understand and probably believe would be beyond them anyway. After this show, I’m minded to give something – maybe investing in stocks and shares – a try: Mr Evan’s made it sound accessible and even interesting.

He’s confident and personable on stage, with an accent and appearance that you’d usually trust, but a demeanour that suggests you should make your own mind up, and not necessarily believe everything he says. An entertaining hour.

Assembly George Studios, 19:00

Reviewed by Laura

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