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All Of Me - Caroline Horton - 5***** - One4Review

All Of Me – Caroline Horton – 5*****

| On 10, Aug 2019

Caroline Horton is nothing short of mesmerising in this play, which she also wrote herself. She ambles onto the stage in a glittery top and starts a torrent of apologies. She warns us that we are not in for a barrel of laughs, there is no dancing and that the subject matter is death. These warnings are delivered with biting humour – among her apologies, she expresses regret at the cost of our tickets, with a sharp rejoinder that we should remember what the show cost her. When she launches into the ‘real’ play she narrates the myth of a life teetering on the edge of wanting to live or wanting to die. By Caroline inhabiting two personas in the myth, we experienced what it must feel like to have a stifling cloud of depression, while trying so hard to carry on. Using sound loops to create a wall of sound, she transforms a day at the beach into a living nightmare and when she breaks into song she reminded me of a fragile Bjork. Although the myth could hardly be called a straightforward story, we are in no doubt what living with depression can feel like and she lays bare all of her pain for the audience to see.
This was a heart-breaking and fantastic performance. I am in complete awe of Caroline Horton’s bravery in letting us see most painful parts of her world. It’s not an easy watch but it is well worth the challenge. Thoroughly recommended.

Reviewed by Rona



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