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The Wau Wau Sisters Last Supper - One4Review



This is not the first time I have seen The Wau Wau Sisters perform in Edinburgh. Hell no!! So I was a little prepared for the maniacal mayhem that was surely going to be on the menu for this Last Supper

The Wau Wau Sisters, Tanya and Adrienne. Are they singers? Are they comedians? Are the circus performers? Are they musicians? Are they burlesque performers? Are they even sisters?

From the onset on being welcomed by them dressed as school girls to the finale when they are dressed in only red wine, these, I hesitate to use the word ladies, run through a whole gambit of their phenomenal skill.

A almost Benny start with them running around the audience, fine demonstrations of their strength in a raunchy undressing each other routine, country and western singing horizontal while one supports the other plays guitar, the inevitable get the audience involved, some ‘lucky punters’ get more involved than perhaps they would wish, the sisters demonstrate their skills at what ever segment they are performing at the time.

For two such slender women their strength is phenomenal and is integrated into the routines on numerous occasions, especially when dealing with two more lucky punters, but as with all of the shows I’ve seen, it is their tandem trapeze act towards the end that is the highlight for me, as this is done almost in the crowd and at times only inches from the floor.

So if you are looking for the outrageous, the audacious, the most entertaining, the raunchiest, show to finish off the Fringe day then this could well be the show for you, but be prepared for literally anything.


Reviewed by Geoff

Assembly Supper Room Venue 3

5 to 30 August

22-40 to-23-45

Fringe Brochure P 140

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