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Everything you've always wanted to know about the Fringe but were too drunk to ask - One4Review

For some of us the Fringe life is now second nature having been part of it for more than a decade, for others less experienced, this is a show that should be the first on your list as Mitchell, Mountfield and Smith lead their audience through their spin on Fringe life.

With what is intrinsically an illustrated comedy lecture this trio of mirth makers make all laugh with pastiches of Fringe flyering, an abridged history of the Fringe, popular types of shows, venues and how to read between the lines as to what the blurb really means.

Nothing and nobody is immune from their humour and only they will know if it was intentional or not, but they dragged this reviewer on stage to talk about shows I’d seen immediately before launching into their piece on…. reviewers.

So for an (almost) complete guide to Edinburgh shows, ‘gourmet’ food and all night drinking establishments where better to go and find out.

attended the preview of this show on wednesday. sat on row behind jerry sadowitz who like me was laughing fit to burst throughout the entire show especially during the cruel pastiche of ross nobel! brilliant stuff!!!

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