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Bourbonitis - One4Review

Otis is back in Edinburgh, with his own distinctive take on Country and Western music, mixed in with jokes, the odd political comment, and some improvised lyrics and banter.

For the uninitiated, Rich Hall’s “uncle” (actually, it’s Rich in a bandana) is a habitual criminal, as well as a trailer-trash C&W singer, constantly in jail, but regularly managing to avoid arrest around August.

He sings songs about love, and the dilemma of meeting a mugger on a date (You can do what you want with the girl, but don’t hurt me…), about the unfortunate boy who disturbed him robbing his trailer home (Are you my new daddy, now?), as well as one or two improvised numbers based loosely on the life and work of a handy member of the audience.

Rich is guaranteed to make you laugh, unless you don’t like swearing, or you are a Republican.

My two gripes are that whilst the songs are gems and the ones I had heard before I was happy to hear again, there was a little bit of the same old, same ole about this performance. Not a problem if you haven’t seen much, if anything, of Mr Crenshaw or Mr Hall, but I had.

It was also half an hour late in starting.

I give Otis Lee Crenshaw and Bourbonitis 8/10.

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