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A L Kennedy : Present Tense  - One4Review

Award winning author Alison Kennedy is an artiste I have seen quite a lot as she is a regular at the Festival City best comedy club, The Stand, so I have been watching her progress with interest. She has called her show this year Present Tense, and whether it was by design or not tense was the word that described her first few minutes during this performance, and although this eased slightly as she got into the flow I often get the feeling she is still slightly out of her comfort zone while on stage. Ms Kennedy comes across as a nice person but, boy is she self deprecating! Either it is one hell of an act or she really appears at times to have very little self belief. What she can do obviously is write, you don’t win major literary awards with out being able to, and her material is keenly observed and generally very funny, just not outrageously so, but it is a pleasure to listen to. I would love to see her play a packed room with people to spark off, cause the rather subdued audience I was part of seemed to be enjoying it but gave little feedback. ***

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