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The Comedy Reserve 4**** - One4Review

The Comedy Reserve  4****

| On 15, Aug 2017

Nigel NG 5*****
Nigel is from Malaysia. We join him on a voyage of discovery as he observes our western ways. He likes the water, particularly the Scottish water. He is not so keen on the fast food. His story of a retired sushi chef touring our high streets is reason enough to see this show.
A brilliant set, go see him 5*****
Sophie Duker 3***
Sophie veers towards the controversial. She sought out the only posh tory in the audience and engaged in a bit of panto style ribbing. The royal family were next “who’s your favourite royal?” Delivered in similar style.
Catherinne Bohart 4****
From Ireland to be sure. We hear about the religious upbringing, the move to London, where Catherine explained a scheme to turn wolf whistles into shopping vouchers.
We had a hen party in the front row this evening. This Lesbian performer (she made that very clear. I am not just speculating!) adeptly switched her attention to take advantage of this comedy gold opportunity.
Another good set
Danny Clives 1* Danny peruses a type of anti-comedy. Work in progress. Good luck with that.
Pleasance Jack Dome
15th to 28th (not 21st)

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