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Alun Cochrane :- Brave New Alun 3*** - One4Review

Alun Cochrane :- Brave New Alun 3***

| On 17, Aug 2019

It’s not often that the Fringe show titles have a huge amount of bearing as to what the show will contain, but with Alun Cochrane’s 2019 offering the clues are flagged up.
Cochrane for years has been a purveyor of interesting whimsical stories, loaded with laughs and enjoyment for all. But he has decided to change. He says he is going to treat his audience as adults in as much as if we don’t like his jokes then we will get over it.
Gone is laidback Alun. He tackles the thorny topics such as religion, LGBT rights, morbid obesity, actual and verbal violence, of course Brexit, even the seemingly growing trend for pianos appearing at railway stations, the new Alun takes no prisoners with his bold statements and opinions, offering some to be quoted, if his proviso was also applied.
The show I attended did not seem entirely to be going along with the new approach this normally easy going comedian was taking, for most it was not only a step out of his comfort zone, it was a trip to another, more extreme country and the relatively fewer laughs he drew from the audience was considerably fewer that I or I suspect he was expecting.
Cochrane is still of course a quality performer who writes well, and can command his space, just maybe it will take his fans a wee while to catch up with his new direction.
Reviewed by Geoff
Pleasance Cabaret Bar
21.20 to 22.20
Until 25th

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