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Roscoe McClelland:- Magic Belly 4**** - One4Review

Roscoe McClelland:- Magic Belly 4****

| On 17, Aug 2019

Roscoe McClelland is yet another young Scottish comedians that has come to the fore over the last few years and a recently recommissioned series from the Beeb shows that he is a guy going places.
But for now he is a comic in a sweat box in Edinburgh playing out his hour in a venue each with a foam brick on the seat, it became clear why later on.
There is not so much crowd work as last years show, he has far too much to say and demonstrate to be bothered with that and the show does have a delightfully loose feel about it and all-inclusive hour like a guy chatting in the pub.
A brief foray into politics, everyone’s sick of this he quips, he goes on to talk about the second worst day of his life whilst entering a holiday camp talent contest as an eight year old. He, then goes on to his recent wedding and a strange wedding photographer, a surfeit of candelabras, yet a lack of candles, his wife’s health scare, contraception, a suicidal wild bird. A diverse set of topics, but with good writing and his endearing, slightly shambolic delivery style McLelland certainly knows where to find the funny and make everyone laugh.
And then there is the bricks. And the finale. Go see him and find out what that’s all about.
Reviewed by Geoff
Monkey Barrel 5
16.35 to 17.35
Until 25th

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