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Murder, She Didn’t Write 4**** - One4Review

Murder, She Didn’t Write  4****

| On 21, Aug 2023

Murder mystery improv developed solely on audience suggestion. Nothing like the suggestive link with a popular 80s crime solving author. Really funny and imaginative creations. The audience made it rather difficult today however the cast did not disappoint.

Todays crime scene was at a convention where people were afraid of their own voices and murder weapons was a discoloured cucumber. A detective is on hand to keep the cast in check and to guide the audience through the crime. It’s impressive the way the cast interprets the audience ideas. I had my own idea of how this may be done however the casts way was better!

There is some audience participation throughout the show but whilst being involved, you feel comfortable in doing so. It was really entertaining watching how each character and plot developed through the show. The variety of funny anecdotes often didn’t make sense however the cast worked with this, often mocking each other for it.

Today’s show was a sell out and it was clear to see why. The cast comfortable enough to really go for it with their characters! They are incredibly talented in what they do and it cannot be easy. Tricky and unique set of circumstances to work with however they still made it into a very funny and entertaining show.

Reviewed by Tracey
Pleasance Courtyard – Pleasance one
14.40 (1hr)
Until 28 Aug

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