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Rachel Jackson – Bunny Boiler 3*** - One4Review

Rachel Jackson – Bunny Boiler 3***

| On 22, Aug 2017

Rachel Jackson is an actor and a comedian with a growing reputation and this is her debut show. Referencing the show title and explaining to the younger audience members the ‘Fatal Attraction’ derivation Ms Jackson is straight into an hour of her past dating and sexual encounters while she looks, not for ‘The One’ but more realistically ‘One of The Ones.’
Describing herself as fun mad not lock up your rabbit mad Rachel leads us through a catalogue of broken relationships she’s had, be it with a UKIP stalwart, a stalker fan of her TV work, an actor she worked with, the current One of the Ones Ollie and references to ‘The Cult Leader’, a story for another show.
She interacts with the audience well, especially one young guy in the front row and has stage presence to spare. The stories, allegedly factual, could have a bit of artistic licence added, but it would be impossible to not engage with this troubled person telling it all, warts and all.
There is no doubt Rachel Jackson will be a name that is going to be around for a long time. Let’s see if The Cult leader is exposed in next year’s offering.
Reviewed by Geoff
Pleasance Bunker 2
22.30 to 23.30
Until 28th

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