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Kiri Pritchard – Mclean - Hysterical Woman 4**** - One4Review

Kiri Pritchard – Mclean  – Hysterical Woman 4****

| On 23, Aug 2016

There has been a preconception forever that women are not as funny as men. The perpetrators of this myth come from both sexes as well, although I suppose the weekend comedy club stereotype of a bunch of lads on the beer is probably more vocal.
Ms Pritchard –Mclean works the club circuit in the north and of course has probably had more than her fair share of prejudices than many. She has an arm full of funny anecdotes to illustrate her points. Be it the only woman on the bill, normally getting the safer second up, dubbed the girly spot and the guys with their head in their hands when they realise she is a woman. She has obviously done a whole heap of research on this subject and succinctly makes her case quoting a vast array of sources on this and even racial prejudices along the way.
This however is not a lecture. Far from it. She has written an extremely funny and delightfully delivered hour mixing in her family, KFC, soul music along the way and there is no shortage of laughs throughout.
I mentioned her quotes earlier. A nice touch at the end of the show she hands out notes of these and recommendations of people to see.
Certainly a comic who going place.
Reviewed by Geoff
19.00 to 20.00
Pleasance This
Until 29th

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