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Sean Patton Number One 4**** - One4Review

Sean Patton Number One  4****

| On 19, Aug 2017

Sean Patton is American, very American. A New Orleans native residing in New York.

Sean tells stories. Unlike many comedians who work the room and rely on audience interaction and participation. Sean informs the audience, and particularly the ones in the front row, that they are safe. “It’s not that sort of show”. And indeed it is not. We sit back and listen. We laugh but more than that there is powerful story telling peppered with bitter sweet poignant moments as he recalls growing up, strict parents (a particularly terrifying but loving Mum), losing his virginity, his first girlfriend and a very poignant tale of a Florida Spring Break that ended with a bit of a tragic incident.

Oh but Sean is OCD. Not just normal OCD where people claim to have it but are actually merely a bit superstition. Sean really believes that his particularly severe OCD has more than certainly saved the world on more than one occasion. If, for example, Sean hadn’t open and closed the refrigerator door five times each time he’d used it, then obviously carnage and World War 3 would most certainly have ensued.

We should all be thankful. And what with Trump and the North Korea situation. He is feeling the pressure!

Great story telling. Brilliantly delivered.

Review by Margot
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