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Darren Harriott : Roadman 4**** - One4Review

Darren Harriott : Roadman 4****

| On 24, Aug 2023

Double Edinburgh Award Nominee Darren Harriott returns to the Fringe with his new stand up show Roadman.A Roadman is a certain type who hangs out on the street, tough, bit dodgy, bit cool and someone the young impressionable Darren, kind of, aspired to be.  Darren, it seems, fortunately didn’t quite make the grade.  These days Darren prefers a life of salsa dancing classes and learning Japanese!This is a very entertaining and enjoyable hour of comedy.  There are stories and observations on growing up in the Midlands and how it was not easy for his parents and grandparents finding themselves in the Black Country.  It was really not what they had imagined and hoped it would be!Darren is a talented storyteller and manages to touch on some of the difficult issues he has faced, particularly with his father.There is a very funny tale of being a big fan, and the disappointment that followed, of the cancelled Kanye West.  Oh and the disappointment of investing in a number of his branded trainers!Darren Harriott is very much a comedian who is a star in the making on the comedy circuit with some high profile TV appearances.  The future is bright.4****starsReviewed by MargotUntil Aug 27thPleasance (Beneath) at 19:40

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