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Comedy reserve at the courtyard 4**** - One4Review

Comedy reserve at the courtyard   4****

| On 21, Aug 2023

The second selection of new, up coming comedy acts. This is the first year the Pleasance has had two comedy reserves and the acts here are different from the reserve at the Dome.

The host Micah Hall. Really chilled and laid back delivery which is funny in its self. Great with audience work and interaction with the audience, enhancing his prepped material. He was a great compère.

Ele McKenzie was the first act. She appeared awkward and shy however, I believe it was part of her act. She made fun of herself and her response to a recent break up. It did have really funny moments and she played up to the awkwardness.

Next was Shalaka Kurup. She delivered her material confidently, pulling from her childhood in India. Unfortunately for Shalaka, she drew attention to a guy at the front who was sound asleep. Me and the audience could not help but just watch this man after that. She did manage to make it into a laughing matter. Was not her fault, it was a really hot venue.

And finally, on came Vlad Illich. He came out, was animated and confident in delivering his material. He looked like he was having fun and that being funny just came natural. In the warm, dark venue where we were all flagging, his energy just burst into the room, making us all laugh!

Another good pick of rising stars. All with excellent potential if given the chance. I laughed more at this selection of comics than the other reserve but more as these comics appealed to my sense of humour. I hope to see these acts again in the future!

Reviewed by Tracey
Pleasance Courtyard – Beside
20.45 (1hr)
Until 28 Aug (not 22)

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