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I Love You. Now What?  4**** - One4Review

I Love You. Now What?  4****

| On 06, Aug 2023

A debut play by actor and comedian Sophie Craig, directed by Toby Clarke (director of the Olivier-nominated Warheads) and produced by The REcreate Agency. The play is a three-hander – Ava played by Sophie Craig, her boyfriend Theo, played by Andy Umerah, and her father John, played by Sean McLeavy.

Ava meets Theo at a club, and they are immediately attracted to each other, leading to an awkward one-night stand back at his place, which turns into something longer lasting. However, Ava’s father has brain cancer and suffers a stroke on the operating table, taking away whatever short-term quality of life he might have had. He quickly deteriorates, just as Ava and Theo’s relationship is blossoming, but can Ava hold down a successful relationship while her father is dying? Hope is all that Ava is left with, but her favourite person on earth, and kindred spirit, is no longer going to be there. Theo finds it hard to empathise, and in “just trying to help” he only succeeds in making things worse.

Despite the raw subject matter, this is a heart-warming, and at times light-hearted play, which examines a difficult story about grief and love’s place within it. The performances are convincing and compelling, with a sense of reality making you want to both laugh and cry. The paper handkerchief left on the seat at the start, embossed with ‘you might need this’, was not out of place. I would recommend giving this play a try.


Reviewed by Howard

Pleasance Courtyard – Beside

15.35 (1hr)

Until 28th August (not 14th & 21st)

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