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Mark Watson : This Can't Be It 4.5**** - One4Review

Mark Watson : This Can’t Be It 4.5****

| On 22, Aug 2022

Mark Watson made his Edinburgh Fringe debut back in 2001. There are audience members who were not yet born back then, and as Mark points out, a few 90’s to 2000’s references; Blur V Oasis, 9/11 . . just might be lost. And as for the Ken Dodd name check, well that’s a non starter!

Mark is consistently funny, full of nervous energy and always engaging. He is approaching middle age and a divorced father of two. Tonight, due to a babysitting misunderstanding, we are told that both his children are backstage and indeed, at the end of the show, take a bow and are put to work handing out flyers as we leave the venue. It’s a family affair.

Mortality is not an obvious choice for a theme to a stand up comedy show but it works in the context of Mark’s life and challenges. One of those challenges is forever comparing one self to the more successful, the perhaps more complete comedy contemporaries. It was tough during lock down. There were no gigs. There were the dreaded corporate Zoom gigs that inevitably went a bit pear shaped due to everyone not quite being up to speed with the technical side of things.

Mark’s achievements are many and varied including having written seven novels and actually coming up with the concept of the 24 hour stand-up show for charity. Mark tells us how much he has missed the Fringe for the last two years and how it is a privilege to perform.

A sold out Edinburgh Pleasance One audience has missed Mark Watson too. This show is a brilliant return.

****4.5 stars
Reviewed by Margot
Pleasance Courtyard (One)
21.00 (1hr)
Until 28th Aug

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